Steve Slagle: Evensong

Best known for his alto work and being half of the Stryker/Slagle Band, Steve Slagle has for some peculiar reason gone solo here, but still uses his old buddy and guitar playing co-leader on this disc with Ed Howard/b and McClenty Hunter/dr.  Did he want first billing or something?

Anyway, this collection of nine songs consists mostly of originals by the ex-co leaders, as well as a luscious duet of Billy Strayhorn’s “The Star Crossed Lovers” which closes this fine set. The rest of the material features some intricate and sophisticated bop-oriented material (“Mingus In Us” and “Supermoon”) as well  icy hot blues (“Alive”). Slagle’s alto is razor sharp on all of the above, and his forages into soprano sax territory on “Quiet Folks” and “Equal Nox” melds perfectly with Stryker’s lithe and logical guitar lines. In the pocket so deep that it will mingle with your change, this disc is a cooker!

Panorama Records

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