Jason Kao Hwang: Burning Bridge

You’ve got five songs here. The disc goes for over 70 minutes, so if you do the math, you realize that this material is either a) well crafted compositions or b) blowing sessions. Well, the good news is that each song contains about 2 minutes of part “a” but the bad news is that it’s “b” for the other 60+ minutes of endurance. Composer/violinit Jason Kao Hwang leads a band with Taylor Ho Bynum/cornet-fh, and Andrew Drury/dr, Ken Filiano/b, Joseph Daley/tuba, Steve Swell/tb, Sun L i/pipa and Wang Guowei/erhu.  If your idea of a pleasant evening of music is listening to “bings” “Bangs” “vvrrrhhhs” and “kaboings” ricocheting off the walls, then you’ll have a great time with this. Otherwise, the only thing that this will get you in the mood for is insect repellant, as you’ll think that bugs are crawling all over you.

Innova Records


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