Bongos Ikwue and Double X: Wulu Wulu

The liner notes do a great service in coining Nigerian vocalist Bongos Ikwue as an “African Bill Withers,” as this guy does have that same type of earthy and intimate feel to his delivery on his US release. The music is quite varied, ranging from an almost Caribbean jaunt on “Agbambo”  and “Ochombolo” to  an almost Motownish “Tell My Girl,” with some fun and Funk Brothers-ish horns in abundance. Lilting guitar lines and grooves create a warm feel on the title track, English voice caresses the acoustic guitar and bass on “Kankuwuchie.” He sounds romantic and convincing on “Obide”, while getting into the contemporary jazz feel on “How Long.” As rich and varied as a home cooked meal.

 Bik Records

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