Julian Shore: Filaments

Pianist Julian Shore has put out an intriguing album that rotates voices and guitars like spices on a Lazy Susan tray. The core team of him with Phil Donkin/b and Tommy Crane/dr supply the framework for a mix and match of singers Alexa Barchini or Shelly Tzarafi as well as  guitarists Jeff Miles and Kurt Rosenwinkel through this collection of original material.

The lilting sounds of “Grey Light, Green Lilly” create a coalescence of guitar and vocal loveliness, while the fragile voicings on “Made Very Small” are caressed by Crane and Shore’s handiwork. “Whisper” sounds like eyes half open, with some drifting guitar work by Miles, while the playful “I Will If You Will” has Shore coaxing poignant phrases from the piano. The pair of human utterances meld together like a cream sauce on the upbeat “Give,” while “Like A Shadow” keeps the album in a funky feel. Lots of harmonies flying around like cirrus clouds on this fresh sounding release.

Tone Rogue Records


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