DO THEY DO WEDDINGS? The All Purpose Blues Band: Cornbread & Cadillacs

At one time, good time boogie bands like this were as ubiquitous as Italians in South Philly. That’s definitely not the case anymore, so when a band like the APB puts something out, pay attention. The team of Willie Lockett/v-tp, Billy Gregory/g-voc, Paul Boudreaux/b-voc, Tony Di”allesandro/dr and guest Gregg Villafranco/key all hail from New Orleans, and have a gritty swagger that sounds like they were weaned on red beans and rice. You’ve got some party time shuffle  rhythms on “Going Back to New Orleans,” boogaloo boogie blues on “I’m Your Hambone” and “Killing Floor” a lonely hearts ballad on “From Memphis” and a load of frenetic fret work on the Fender during “V-8 Ford.” The band snaps like a fresh carrot, and the vocals would make Wilson Pickett proud. Get these guys to your next party, and watch what happens!

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