START THE YEAR RIGHT****ROTW****Louisiana Red (1932-2012): When My Mama Was Living

If you want the blues, and I mean the REAL blues, like sittin’ on the porch and sounding like Howlin’ Wolf or Johnny Shines, then this little obscurity is going to make your day. Louisiana Red, who just recently left this earth to his heavenly judgment and reward, was one of those guys that just fell through the cracks. Never as popular as Muddy Waters or Elmore James, he could sing, play the harmonica and vocals with a folksy sound that mixes street preaching with honky tonk moaning. These sessions were recorded back in the mid 70s, and Red’s voice is as earthy as the Mississippi Mud. Some of the songs have Red with a small band that has Left Dizz/g and Kyril Bromley/p, or Peg Leg Sam on harmonica, so the accompaniment is spare, and that’s the way you want to hear tunes like “You’ve Got To Move” or “Stole From Me.”  Most of the tunes are writtin by the musicians themselves, but some goodies like “John Henry” or “King Bee” sneak in as well. This one’s a beaut!

Labor Records

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