Zohar’s Nigun: The Four Questions

Zohar’s Nigun consists of Daniel Weltlinger/violin, Daniel Pliner/p, Alon Ilsar/dr and Simon Milman/b. What makes the concept of this album interesting is that these four artists are exploring the depths of cultural and religious identity; what makes a person who he is. The quartet recorded the music in their home country of Australia, melding their Jewish heritage with their non-kosher surroundings in an attempt to figure out just what is our own identity.


The music itself mixes exotic moods that will remind you of nights on the Mediterranean coast (“Kohanim”) but the band can also play a few tricks on  you as well. A song like “Hallel” may start out as a traditional Freilach, but before you can say “Mazel Tov” the song turns into a burning little jazz piece. The dramatic mood swings on “Ma Nishtana” delivers some impressive bass work, while the pensive “Hine Ma Tov” is as somber as a Shabbat Candle Prayer. Impressive on a musical, cultural and religious level.

Rectify Records


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