Freddie Mercury: The Great Pretender

Pun possibly unintended, but the lead singer of Queen was undoubtedly one of rock’s most mercurial stars in all of rock. Singer/songwriter/performer non parallel, Freddie Mercury is fascinatingly captured on this biographical documentary. It covers his entire life story, from his birth in a third world country to somehow becoming one of rock’s icons, singing scores of rock (and America’s) anthems, going into a solo career and finally fighting against death with a zest for life. Outrageously flamboyant, but also an intimate and selfless friend. Who was he? This disc tries to peel away the layers.

There are gobs of fascinating are rare audio and visual footage of Mercury with the likes of Michael Jackson during ’85, just around Thriller (hey, Michael WAS black!!!!), as well as a demo of Freddie with Rod Stewards singing “Take Another Piece of My Heart.” A rare and early 1976 interview with Mercury is equally interesting, and analysis from the likes of Brian May, Roger Taylor and Queen manager Jim Beach just scratch the surface of this multi-faceted artist. Always restless, always energetic, Mercury tells you everything but reveals little. His zeal is infectious, reminding me of St. Augustine’s classic line,”Lord, you have made us for Yourself, and our hearts are restless until they rest with Thee.”


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