YA WANT BRAZIL?!? Adventure Music: 10 Years

I’ve been raving about this label for years, and this 3 disc sampler gives you no excuse not to see what Adventure Music has to offer. Consider them like the Blue Note of Brazil: they have a coterie of players like Mike Marshall, Hamilton de Holanda and Jovino Santos Neto, and mix/match them with various and sundry artists that have the heart of South America in their dna. These three discs have music not only from modern Brazil, but Venezuela is represented here with Maria Marquez’s “Nature’s Princes” as well as Colombia joining the crowd with Lucia Pulido’s “Yo No Tengo Quien Me Quiera.” Of course, the major entrée is Brazil, and you’ll get mandolin duets, harp solos, breathy vocals, orchestral raptures and tantalizing piano. There’s got to be SOMETHING here for everyone, and almost all of it is irresistibly alluring. Give it a try, and thank me later.

Adventure Music Records


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