Makaya McCraven: Split Decision

While the political system of the Windy City leaves a lot to be desired, the musical environment is as clean as a whistle. Chicago Sessions puts out material by local cats, and this latest, a trio session lead by drummer Makaya McCraven, is a winner. He goes 10 rounds of originals with Andrew Toombs/p and Tim Seisser/b, mixing jabs, hooks and roundhouses throughout. The title track has some sharp uppercuts, while “Zsiga” has him doing some fancy footwork under Toomb’s pitter patter of piano. The lovely “Tasha’s Tune” floats like a butterfly, and “Toombs’ Time” has McCraven doing a rope-adope on the ride cymbal. Sesser’s bass work hits the mat on “Jho’s Beat,” which also gives  a nice body blow of rhythmic groove. The whole disc is almost a knockout.

Chicago Sessions

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