Daniela Nardi: Espresso Manifesto

If you’re not into what’s happening in Italian songwriting, you might not completely appreciate this tribute disc that vocalist Daniela Nardi has put together. She’s featured with her husband Ron Davis, as well as the “ultima” of Italian artists: Dario Rosciglione/b, Fausto Mesolella/g, Michele Rabbia/perc, Luciano Biondini/acc, Fabrizio Bosso/tp, Gabriele Mirabassi/cl, and Marcello DiLeonardo/dr. Backed by this stellar team, Nardi interprets compositions by Italy’s famous composer Paolo Conte. The songs, mostly sung in Italian, are ranging from quirky bohemian (“Via Con Me”) and frivolous pop (“Gelato al Limon”) to earthy jazz-tinged pieces like “Genova Per Noi.” Her voice in her own dialect is earthy and al dente, cutting right to your ears, and her range and flexibility is as wide ranging as a Pizza di Quatro Stazione. Her English ventures have an almost Mid West lilt to her accent on “Don’t Break My Heart,” while she goes back and forth on the tipsy turvey “Via Con Me.” Clever and fun. Brava ragazza!



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