Gary Moore: Blues For Jimi

So, what’s your dream gig? Rhythm guitar for The Beatles? Sax section with Ellington? Bass with Miles? Playing the Strat with Jimi Hendrix’s band has got to be up there, and back in 2007, guitarist Gary Moore (who has since gone to meet his Maker) had the pleasure of jamming a few Hendrix tunes with the likes of Mitch Mitchell/dr and Billy Cox/b as well hitting the Experience songbook with his own band of Dave Bronze/b and Darrin Money/dr.

 With his own trio, Moore’s wailing guitar and gritty vocals deliver earthy takes of “Foxey Lady” and “Purple Haze,” while his guitar picking is spotlighted to perfection on “Angel.”  With the Hendrix alumni, an 11 minute boxing match of “Red House” almost sets the theatre on fire, while the rendition of “Hey Joe” isn’t that far behind.” The rollicking rendition of “Stone Free” is icing on the cake, making this disc a joy ride for Strat fanatics. Look for this one, my friends!

Eagle Records

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