The Hot Club of Detroit: Junction

The Hot Club of Detroit is one of the few small groups out there that takes a genre (in this case, Django Reinhardts Hot Club of France) and use that as a starting point as opposed to an apotheosis. The mix of reeds (supplied by Andrew Bishop and Jon Irabagon),guitars (likewise Evan Perri and Paul Brady), bass (Shawn Conley) and accordion (Julien Labro) are able to deliver swiftly swinging small group swing with aplomb, but this time out they add a few knuckle balls and change-ups to their delivery. A bit of free form frenzy creeps in, but never dominates the party, on a tune like “Goodbye Mr. Anderson” with the band safely landing over the plate after the initial flutter.  The addition of the bohemian vocals of Cyrille Aimee  a hat trick of tunes displays a more lyrical and romantic side of the band as well. Experimentations  that veer left and right are rare these days, and the guaranteed great  picking on the frets satisfies those that want their chops served spicy or sweet.

Mack Avenue Records

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