Carmen Intorre Jr: For The Soul

No wonder this disc by drummer/leader Carmen Intorre sounded so fresh, alive and cooking…most of the songs come from the last time jazz created some real original music. Intorre rides the reigns behind a hot little band that includes John Hart/g, Jon Irabagon/ts-as, Pat Bianchi/org-key, and Joey DeFrancesco/org. They together attack some soulful charts like Stevie Wonder’s “Too High” and Freddie Hubbard’s “Gibraltar” with an excitement and verve that is infectious. The tip of the hat to vintage Weather Report is observed on the takes of “Black Market” and “Cannonball” that sound as fresh as when they first came out of the oven 30+ years ago. Irabagon’s sax on these pieces is a joyride, while the rhythm section fires on all 8 cylinders like a Shelby Cobra on the Steely Dan hit “Josie.” These guys make good jazz sound so easy-so why is this kind of stuff so rare. I’m smiling while listening again!

Random Act Records

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