Amina Figarova: Twelve

I love a record like this, when you can’t tell who the leader is. In this case, pianist/composer Amina Figarova puts together a wondrously cohesive sextet with Bart Platteau/flutes, Ernie Hammes/tp-fh, Marc Mommaas/ts-ss, Jerden Vierdag/b and Chris “Busckshot” Strik/dr through a dozen originals that mix luscious harmonies with concise and lyrical solos. The melding of horns on pieces like “NYCST” or “Shut Eyes, Sea Waves” work like flowery hedges for the solos to walk through, while “Maria’s Request” displays a delectably delicate moment when the piano, flute and bass intertwine like grape vines. Some marvelous sax work is displayed n “Sneaky Seagulls” and “Make It Happen”  while a gorgeous trumpet aria is spotlighted on “Twelve.” All throughout, Figarova guides, leads, instructs and persuades through her warm piano musings as well as her ebullient charts. This one’s a joy to behold!

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