Dr. Michael White: Adventures in New Orleans Part 2

Clarinetist Dr. Michael White has one of the real rich tones, making these tributes to the music of the Crescent City a pleasure to behold. This one has him mixing and matching with various trumpet and trombone players, with a basic rhythm team consisting of Detroit Brooks/banjo, Steve Pistorious/p and Herman Lebeaux/dr . The tunes that feature the good doctor in stripped down form such as in “Midnight Special” and “Precious Lord” sound like you’re having a twilight church picnic at the bayou, while the larger ensembles work best, particularly when the play around with Boomer ditties such as “Happy Together” and “Me and Bobby McGee.” This mix of the sacred and secular is the true heart of New Orleans, and Dr. White perfectly filled the prescription.

Basin Street Records


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