David Basse w/Phil Woods & Mike Melvoin: Uptown

Here’s a Kansas City-based singer that’s got a voice and delivery you’re going to like. Produced by LA composer/singer Mark Winkler, Uptown has Basse singing in a style that sounds like he’s a cross between a ticket scalper and carney as he crowns through a well mixed meal of originals and standards. His raconteur attitude is backed by Phil Woods and his best team of the 80s and 90s (sans Tom Harrell): Mike Melvoin/p (was this his last date?), Steve Gilmore/b and Bill Goodwin/dr, so you know that the music is solid on its own accord

Basse’s gravelly tenor is perfect for strutting tunes such as the highly hip “Like Jazz” as well as the New Orleans swaggering “Something Fried.” His bop sensibilities are complimented by Wilson’s alto and clarinet, such as on the sauntering “Bidin’ My Time” and “Slow Boat To China,” while the take of “Parker’s Mood” is taken at an agonizingly blue mood. Attitude counts for a lot here, and Basse melds it well with some impressive chops as well.

Cafe’ Pacific Records


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