Andrea Marcelli Trio featuring Thomas Clausen: Sundance

Sometimes, when listening to a record for the first time, I like to play a simple game. Without checking the liner notes, and just by listening to the music, I try to figure out who the leader in the band is. Here’s a nice trio with Thomas Clausen/p, Davide Petrocca/b and Andrea Marcelli/dr, and after a few songs, it becomes clear that the guy doing most of the work and display here is the Marcelli, who seems to be giving a workshop on various drum styles and deliveries. Now, mind you, there’s nothing about Clausen’s piano playing that is to be ashamed of; he’s got a nice rich touch, sort of like a pared down Bill Evans lyricism and romanticism, and Petrocca’s bass work is sublime and supportive. But on this collection of standards and originals Marcelli goes between orchestral arrangements of something like “A House Is Not A Home” to very hip brush work to driving high hats and snappy latin snares on other pieces. It’s fun just to sit back, listen , and wonder “Just what is this cat going to try on the NEXT tune?” Enriching music here, and highly creative for those with ears to learn.

Storyville Records

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  1. andreamarcelli
    August 16, 2012 at 2:05 pm

    Thank you George,

    I loved your review and will quote it proudly.
    I hope to meet you on my next gigs in Los Angeles..
    finally I will back between September 26th-30th
    playing my music with Mitchel Forman and others.

    Greetings from Berlin, Germany,

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