Sean Jones: No Need For Words

The big as a bear, yet gentle as a lamb Sean Jones has been one of my favorite “younger” trumpeters. He’s put out a handful of great discs under his own name, and has been with Marsalis’ LCJO for 5 years, as well as having teamed up with the late Frank Morgan for awhile. He’s got a great tone and drive, and as he shows here on his latest release, a nice writing pen as well.

This latest release has Jones leading a team with Orrin Evans/p, Luques Curtis/b, Obed Calvaire/dr, Matt Stevens/g and Brian Hogans/as for a collection of some great originals. He’s got the bop chops, as he shows on “Look And See” but what really wins you over is his heart. Down deep, he’s got the church in his soul, and he shows it on the beautiful gospel-ish “Momma” and the testimonial “Forgiveness (Release).” He’s got a declaratory delivery which sounds like he’s giving a homily in front of a supporting congregation here, and it works perfectly. His muted title track is gorgeous as well, while the heavy metal meets funk of “Love’s Fury” might raise a few eyebrows. Keep an eye on this guy!

Mack Avenue Records


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